Sunday, October 2, 2011

JV Kid's Camp

Jayce and Tate went again this summer to the Josiah Venture kids' camp.  This is actually the highlight of the year for the boys, as they went for the first time last year, and have been looking forward to it ever since.  Finally, August 20th came, and we arrived at the camp in Zadar, Croatia.  This camp is for all North American JV missionary kids ages 8 and up.  The leaders of the camp are JV missionaries who have willingly dedicated their time to planning, organizing, leading and running this camp for our kids.  They have been doing this year after year after year, and they do this on top of their regular "missionary" duties.  It is a truly amazing part of being with the Josiah Venture mission organization.  This group cares for our kids.  They care about how our kids are growing up as "Third Culture Kids (TCK)" and they take action to help them understand everything that this entails.  We even have our own "TCK coordinator", Ashley Ross.  She, a TCK herself, is on the field for the purpose of ministering to our kids!  How amazing is that???  She is great, and so are all of the missionaries who spent the week with our boys at the beach camp in Croatia.  Mel and Amy Ellenwood worked together with Ashley to plan it all, and Greg Strock was the counselor for our boys and their friend, Marko.  They had a great time with this group, as well as with the other, older kids at camp.   Our Josiah Venture president, Dave Patty, was the speaker at the camp this year, and taught the kids all about Daniel, challenging them to take a stand for Christ as Daniel did, as they studied his life and applied it to their own.  We are so thankful for this incredible opportunity that our kids have each summer!

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