Friday, November 18, 2011

Jaylin's 7th

Jaylin had her 7th birthday while Chad and Erin were here, and loved having them here with us to celebrate.  Last year, Luke and Debbi Porritt and their family were with us during Jaylin's birthday, so Jaylin has been quite blessed to have had such great birthday guests both years!  We are looking forward to seeing if any of you will be Jaylin's 8th birthday guests next October!

Jaylin enjoyed a few different birthday cakes this year...the prettiest, of course, was her "Jelka cake".  We were happy that the Bonawitz's were here to experience a grand Jelka birthday celebration.  We also took birthday cupcakes along to the hotel, and celebrated there.

The seven other kids each held up a finger to represent Jaylin's 7th

Jaylin's birthday cupcakes at the hotel

Eating lunch at Pavel and Jelka's

We spent some time at Pavel and Jelka's house one evening toward the end of Chad and Erin's time with us, and they, too, were blessed by the incredibly gracious hospitality of our dear friends the Petric's.  Jelka cooked a huge meal, using all food that they had grown or raised there in their village.  The only thing that she had bought was the rice, she told us!  Amazing!  Chad and Erin and their kids enjoyed seeing how industrious this family is.  We had a sweet time talking around their table, and listening as Jelka played some folk music on her accordion.