Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"Good Morning, Every Morning!"

I learned a lesson from a passerby on the way to Jaylin and Gage's preschool yesterday morning. We were walking the short distance, Shaylee in the stroller, Jaylin and Gage trying to stay warm and to keep up with me, the infamous fast walker of the family. They had earlier been complaining about having to walk, while Jayce and Tate got to ride in the car. Ed is gone this week with the van, so we've been walking a lot; but our neighbor gives the boys a ride in the mornings since he drives his own son to school on that side of town.

While we were walking, a man passed by us who had an obvious limp, as if from birth he had had a deformity of his legs. I greeted him with a "Good morning!" and he replied with a huge smile and a "Good morning...every morning!" I was choked up as I told the kids of his apparent incredible attitude toward life, even with a definite obstacle he faces every morning. I was wanting them to learn from him, so they would change their complaining heart to a grateful, appreciative heart...and then I looked in the mirror and realized that I was the one who most needed to learn that lesson that day! I had been complaining about Ed being gone, and looking at the week "alone" with a negative heart, instead of being thankful for the many many things that were good that morning. So...good morning...every morning...because God is good...all the time!

Monday, September 6, 2010

More lessons learned

School started last week, bringing more lessons about how to live in this Eastern European culture, and not appear so "foreign"...maybe some day we'll be successful at that! So, first day of school, we sent Jayce and Tate off to school with their backpacks full of books, notebooks, and supplies. I was pretty proud of the fact that we had found everything on the supply list at the local grocery store. There were a few posterboards that they had to carry, as they wouldn't fit into their bags. Jayce was a bit apprehensive, not of going to school, but of carrying that posterboard...something like feeling dumb...but I told him that since it was on the supply list, everyone would be carrying it. So, just for posterity, I am going to include in this blog the lessons I learned...meaning, I need to remember these facts for next year's first day of school.

#1 On the first day of school, do NOT send backpacks with the kids, as no one else brings them, including extra-big posterboard that doesn't fit into the backpacks.

#2 On the first day of school, DO send flowers for the kids' teachers, as everyone else brings those!!!

We all enjoyed hearing Jayce and Tate's rendition of how silly they felt walking in that day, with no flowers to give their teachers, and then bringing home their full backpacks as they wouldn't be using them until the next day. The teacher did, however, allow them to leave the posterboard in the classroom!! Whew!!!

Jaylin and Gage also began their first days at the preschool. After a few tears by Jaylin on day 1, and by Gage on day 3, we're off to a great start! Their teachers speak no English, but that doesn't bother Jaylin much, she just talks and talks to her teacher anyway, who told that to Ed, laughing! Surprise, surprise. And Gage is doing better than I thought, especially being without Jaylin in his class. They do get to play together at recess, which is a highlight for both of them.

These unusually quiet mornings at the Rumbold house have given Ed and I more time to study...this and the fact that all 4 kids are in Slovak schools, should ensure that we will all be fluent by Christmas!!! :-)