Sunday, October 25, 2009

Training time

We are here at MTI in Colorado doing language and cultural adjusting training. We are getting used to the community we are living in. Since we are living with a community of missionaries in training we tend to pass some sicknesses around. It has not been too bad just some fevers and runny noses. The class times are challenging, especially in SPLICE (cultural adjusting training). SPLICE challenges you to deal with any baggage you may have that would make the transition time harder. This teaching that we are getting should not just be for missionaries though, it should be for all married couples (and adult singles for that matter). Our challenge to anyone who reads this is that they take a look into their marriages and their lives and see areas in which they need to work on and actually do it. Don't just hope things will get better, actually confront the areas head on with Christ as your focus and those things can begin to change.