Sunday, July 13, 2014

Visitors from home!!

Our first term of camps has finished, and the US teams have already returned home to the states, including that amazing team from our home church in Tremont. The first week of camp was great, and we are thankful for each team member who came to serve. After camp was finished, and a few days of follow-up happened in the various towns, we had two special visitors at our house…Cory Juchems and Tyler Nafziger!  Tyler is our nephew (the son of Ed's sister, Sheri) and Cory is our friend…they both served on the Tremont NCF team, and scheduled their return trip home for a few days after the rest of the team, so that they could come to our house and spend some free days with our family!!!  WE HAD SO MUCH FUN!!!  Seth was also here…so between those 3 and our 7, we had a blast!!!  All 3 of them are AMAZING with our kids…and our kids wished they could all live here FOREVER!!!  But, Cory and Tyler have already left…they are flying home right now, so the party is over…but we are thankful that they spent the extra time with us, and were able to be in our world here. Thanks for coming, Cory and Tyler…we're already looking forward to the next time you can come!  :-)

Ed's parents have 34 grandchildren, and Tyler (age 17) is number 3.  Because of the great number of kids, and our living over here, we don't often have the privilege of much individual time with the nieces and nephews. So this time with Tyler was a blessing to all of us…it was so fun for Ed and I to get to know him better, and it was amazing for our kids to have such concentrated time with their cousin.  We were all encouraged by Tyler's presence with us.  He is an incredible guy with great musical talent and such a positive and joyful outlook on life.

And Cory is actually in the process of moving to Slovakia for at least 2 years to serve with Josiah Venture in a town (Levice) to the southwest of us.  She has developed friendships with many in that town, as she has served at the Levice camp for 4 summers now. We are thrilled to be becoming teammates with Cory, hopefully by this November!  Cory is actually one of our former junior-highers (she was in our youth group when we worked with JCFG at Northfield) and it is so incredible to now know her as an adult!  :-)  Both Cory and Seth interned with us during the summer of 2010, so it was fun to have both of these former interns together with us again. We love Cory and her family, and are very thankful for how the Lord is leading her to come and serve over here.

Here's the crew at the Bardejov square

Jaylin and Shaylee never left Cory alone…they LOVE her!!

It was quite obvious that Tyler, having 5 younger siblings,
is AMAZING with kids!

Seth and Ed having a running joke with Cory
about matching t-shirts…thus the picture

I absolutely loved this cousin time for our boys!

Hanging out at the city wall

Ed and Tyler preparing to grill

Haha!  They were actually posing here!  :-)

The cousins…AWESOME!!

Girl time!  (And for the record, I'm holding Jaylin's ice cream cone
while she takes the picture, I'm NOT eating two!!)