Monday, April 22, 2013

Search and Rescue

It was a rainy Friday in Žilina, Slovakia, but that did not deter 342 students from going out into the city, onto the trains, and into the villages to Search for those who were lost and offer to them the way to be Rescued.  "Search and Rescue" was the theme of this year's KPM, the annual Slovak youth leaders' training conference put on by JV Slovakia's KOMPAS team.  The conference was a time of training these leaders to be bold in sharing their faith, and as part of the training, they were given the chance to put into practice everything they were learning.  Here is a video of that day when the participants in the conference were sent out in teams to share the Gospel with people all around the city and nearby villages.

KPM 2013 Video - If English captions don't appear, click on the "CC" and turn on English subtitles.

Ed loved being a part of the conference, and enjoyed having a role of teaching a seminar. He wrote to a friend this report when asked how it went:

The conference was great.  My teaching was fine, nothing special.  We built into our conference a specific time to literally go out and share Christ with people on the streets and in the villages.  Our theme was "Search and Rescue" so we equipped them as best we could, and over 500 people (this was Ed's guess before the total number was known because there were over 600 students and leaders at the conference) went out to share the Gospel in cities and villages.  Some prayed to accept Christ and Jesus gave us some great stories to share amongst us when we all came back together.  This is one of the hardest evangelistic styles to do and the majority of the students and student leaders were nervous to actually be doing it.  But probably the best thing they learned was that it really is not that hard to share your faith and challenge people to believe and accept Christ.  I think this one realization came out the most.  It was awesome to see them be excited for Christ and get out there and share His message.

KPM 2013 in Žilina, Slovakia