Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What we've been up to

Well, I've been waiting to post again until I had something quite extraordinary and exciting to report...but I've decided to go ahead and post tonight anyway. We have been living life over here very similar to how we had previously lived in Tremont, with the obvious changes. The boys go to school every day, the rest of us stay home with somewhat of a normal routine. Ed and I have language lessons four days per week, and we have some regular weekly appointments on our calendar, but it seems that we are just basically keeping busy with the normal life that happens in families with kids.

Since our last post, we did receive our visas for living here for one year. We then will have to renew them, but without as much headache as the first ones...hopefully! God's timing was so perfect in that always! We also had to visit the hospital for medical clearance to further fulfill the visa requirements. That was an adventure in itself, so it is nice to have that behind us!

Ed and I continue to scratch the surface of the Slovak language. Just when we feel that we just might be making progress, we try to converse with someone and then are sent right back to reality. Ed and I tried a conversation between the two of us the other day, strictly in Slovak. We spoke very slowly and talked about very shallow things, mostly topics that we have learned in our book. It was quite painful, and after 15 minutes called it good and reverted back to English to talk about things that had a bit more depth! We dream of the day when we can talk in Slovak without first translating back to English for comprehension! Maybe in a few years...

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Norm and Audrey Henderson said...

Hi Wendi & Ed,

We can certainly identify with your challenges in language learning! On the other hand, how long did it take you to learn you first language?!

After 4 months, we are starting to get comments about how good our Portuguese is after "such a short time" - exaggerated and intended to encourage perhaps, but unless people are being totally dishonest, we probably are doing better than we think. And so are you!

Time to re-read Joshua 1? :)

Many blessings, Norm & Audrey