Saturday, April 3, 2010

Slovak history

Today (Saturday, April 3) we took our family with Mike, one of the missionaries here, to a historical battlefield. We want them to understand about communism and the lives of the people here in Slovakia. The town is called Svidnik. During the II World War almost 85000 Russians lost their lives (not to mention Czechoslovakians and Germans) trying to liberate Eastern European people from the stronghold of the Germans. If you notice in some of the pictures symbolism was used to preserve the memory of what happened. In the picture of the tanks, with one running over the other, it is a symbol of Russians (the tank on top) defeating the German army. Even though the Russians 'liberated' them from the Germans they then brought in 'equality' through communism which later proved to be a way to keep the people under the Russian rule. It was humbling to see a place where so many died to defend something they believed in. War is not pretty.

It was a great time to reiterate to our kids what Christ did this weekend so many years ago. He believed in giving us a chance to have life and have it more abundantly.

Have you truly taken time to reflect on the sacrifice of Christ and how HE had a plan in place for us so we could accept Him and live with Him eternally?

As always, our family likes to enjoy life and we found an opportunity to make a few fun pictures.

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Anna Győri said...

I just luv the "jumping" picture!
You guys rock:)

Have a blessed Easter!!!