Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Months in Review

Yes, we are still here living in Bardejov, we've just been out of the blogging world lately! We would like to give you just a few highlights of our past few months…actually starting back in December and coming up to the present time…briefly


Our annual TCKompas December staff meetings and
Christmas party at our home in Bardejov. We really
love hosting this meeting and party every year!

And, of course, the infamous "Gift Grab Game"…
it gets more and more strategic and fun every year!


New Year's Eve was spent at our house with our dear
friends, the Millers, who are serving with JV in Poland.

And then, in February, I was able to travel by myself to Florida, so that I could celebrate my Dad's 70th birthday along with my parents and my two sisters! We were once again the original 5, and we enjoyed such sweet times of laughing over fun memories, crying together over those memories that were touching, and having such a wonderful time making more sweet memories together! It was such a blessed time, and I was thrilled to be able to make the trip. And a huge thank you to the 3 dads who willingly parented alone during these days so that we sisters could be together again with our parents!


Happy 70th Birthday, Dad! It was SUCH a blessing
to be able to spend it with both of you!!

Such sweet memories we made, spending
Dad's birthday weekend at Walt Disney World!!

And one last lunch together before we went our
separate ways again. Lori's kids were the only two
that got to enjoy the "aunt action", much to the jealousy
of the other 9 grandkids, who were not able to come
on THIS trip to Florida! Next time, kiddos...

When I was away, Ed's parents flew to Bardejov to spend some time with us! They were here for 10 days, (I was back here with them for the last 5) and we so enjoyed our time with them. We were incredibly blessed to have them here with us, especially because Ed's mom has been dealing with significant health issues related to her diabetes, and the trip was not an easy one for her. Their time here with us was such an encouragement to our family! We are quite thankful to the Lord for His provisions in bringing them here, and to them for making the trip to us, even in the middle of this health trouble.


Grandpa and Grandma Rumbold are always a
huge blessing to these 5 Rumbold kids!!

Enjoying time relaxing in our home. Ed is
showing you which ones are his parents! :-)

They even bought us a puzzle, which brought good
times of relaxation and conversation around the table.

Gage and Grandma playing Monopoly Deal

The kids forgot that Grandma knew
how to play the piano…we showed them!

The piano duet in action

Showing Grandma and Grandpa some artwork

Putting in the last few pieces to
complete the puzzle with Grandma

"Girl talk" with Grandma - one of
Jaylin's favorite things to do!

And that brings us up to the middle of March, which has been so busy in itself, that I will continue it in the next blog post…more to come...

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Josh and Brin said...

love to hear what how God is using you all! I so wish that our paths would cross (i honestly thought about trying to get you to Brazil for our schools Spiritual Emphasis week!) It is a lofty dream (for a human). :) But when we do see you it will be so sweet. love to the Rumbolds!