Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Months in Review continued...

           The rest of March

This "kingdom" display welcomed the
youth-workers as they entered the conference 
In the middle of March came our annual TCKompas Youth Workers Conference called KPM. This year's theme was "The Upside-Down Kingdom". Dave Patty, our Josiah Venture president, was the main speaker at this year's conference. He taught on the 7 keys to living in God's upside-down kingdom and how to live according to God's plan, even when it doesn't make sense in this present-day world. This conference was a huge encouragement and brought great insight and discipleship to the over 700 Slovak youth leaders who attended. Our JV Slovakia team works diligently and faithfully to bring this conference to these youth workers each year. 

Dave Patty teaching about
God's Upside-Down Kingdom

KPM 2015

And then, at the end of March, I (Wendi) was able to participate in our TCKompas (JV Slovakia) Ladies' Retreat. Our TCKompas team includes 17 women who work together to carry-out the ministry of Josiah Venture in Slovakia. Most of the time the ministries are planned and implemented by the whole team of both men of women, both Slovaks and Americans. But this time just the women met, to have a time of rest and relaxation, to come together in worship and fellowship, and to bond our team of women. We spent 3 days together in a cabin in the mountains, laughing, playing games, eating, drinking coffee, praying, worshiping our Savior, learning together how our Lord wants us to rest in Him in all areas of our busy lives, and enjoying times of good conversation and friendships. Some of us spent an afternoon swimming in the local thermal pools, while the rest enjoyed an adventurous horse-back ride in the snow! I am quite thankful for all of these women on our team, and loved the opportunity that God gave me to enjoy this retreat with them!

Here we are, enjoying the unexpected snow in the mountains

Sharing in a time of teaching from the Word
about the rest in Him that God desires us to enjoy

Yes, we enjoyed our food, our coffee
and relaxing by the fireplace!
And the few brave ones who
embarked on the snowy trail ride

What a beautiful place to rejuvenate and
bond together with the team of women that
God has formed in Slovakia!

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