Sunday, March 11, 2012

JV Women's Retreat

I (Wendi) just returned from our annual Josiah Venture Women's Retreat.  And yes, I am so refreshed and encouraged by the time there with the other JV Women.  Of course, what made it even better is the fact that the retreat was held in Millstatt, Austria in a beautiful old castle nestled in the Austrian Alps!!!  Had we instead met in the basement of an abandoned building in the center of a dirty city, I still would have come away refreshed by the fellowship of these Christian women, the times of worship together, our small group prayer times, and the encouragement that they were to me.  But, how blessed we all were by the serenity of the setting in which we found ourselves.  I am always uplifted by spending time with these is definitely a highlight of my year!!  I always look forward to it and come away filled to overflowing.

This year we spent sweet quality time worshiping our Savior together, and then went off on our own to reflect on how God is working in our lives individually, and to listen to His guidance and instruction.  I rarely have such long uninterrupted times with my Savior, and it was SWEET!!!  I am home now, overflowing with love and appreciation to Him for His care for me and His encouragement for me to draw closer to Him.  Of course, coffee times with these dear friends was a definite plus to the already awesome week!

And, most importantly throughout the week...Ed was THE MAN back here at home!!!  He kept this house running so smoothly the entire time I was away!!  The kids love their time with Dad, and he with them, without Mom nosing around making sure everyone's hands are clean and teeth are brushed.  He always does an incredible job of being "Mr. Mom" and filling in during my absence, taking care of my normal jobs while keeping up with his at the same time!  Nice job, Hun!  It truly makes it so much easier to go away for something like this when I know that Ed and the kids will all be JUST FINE!!  By the way, to Ed's credit and my gratefulness, Ed made sure everyone's teeth were brushed!!!


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