Friday, January 29, 2010

A quick post

We are in the middle of changing our internet provider and are currently without it in our home. We hope to have it back within a few weeks, so in the meantime we will nôt be posting. We hope to catch up on things when it's back on. Fór now, we are diving Right in to language learning and realizing that it can really make one's brain HURT! The boys start school on tuesday and are really excited about that!

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Danielle said...

Language learning can definitely be pain inducing. We are almost three months in and I almost cried when our tutor left this morning...I feel like learning a new language is like climbing a never ending mountain! But there are breakthroughs when you suddenly realize that you are talking in the new language and you didn't have to "pre-translate" everything. Tori is learning it so fast in school...soon you guys will all be talking Slovakian...have fun!