Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What is going on...

Shaylee loves to read...anywhere!
Jayce with his Jelka cake
We have been keeping busy, as I'm sure all of you have also.  So much of our life here is comprised of just normal, everyday situations.  In fact, I was struggling to find something worth writing home about.  Then I decided to just let you in on the latest normal happenings in the Rumbold house:  Jayce turned 10, Shaylee is now potty-trained, and I had a cookie-baking party with some girls.  Those are our highlights!  The rest of the details are very much the same as previous reports:  kids are still in school, we are all still working on language, and we are continuing to prepare for this summer's English camp ministry with camp preparations, intern plans and North American church recruiting.

Speaking of summer, my parents and my Aunt Mary have purchased their tickets to come to visit us in June!  They will be attending the English camp with us again, as Mom and Dad also did last summer.  The students who know they are coming are already very much looking forward to their return, and of course, we Rumbolds are ecstatic about it!


Mary K said...

You do such a great job with your pictures and your words. You should have been a teacher :-) We continue to pray for you and love our chats on Skype and are times to talk. We definitely look forward to being able to hug your all in person again. Thanks for keeping us updated. We love you. Dad and Mom

Anonymous said...

Well of course the students are excited about your parents coming this summer silly! Your parents are amazing people.
Michelle Rice Nordstrom

Wally said...

We agree. Ed, you ARE a teacher, just not in a normal classroom. Praying for you. So glad your folks are coming back to help with English camp. How exciting!