Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Nice Surprise for Ed

Not that it wasn't also nice for just wasn't a surprise to me! Yes, Ed's parents came to visit...and they actually succeeded in surprising him! They had been on a trip to the Holy Land, fulfilling a long-awaited dream of theirs, when they "stopped by" on their way home, to see us! They knocked on our door on a Tuesday afternoon, and Ed and the kids went to see who it was. The kids and Ed were all ecstatic to see them, but, of course, Ed showed it in his usual, calm and relaxed style, just as his Mom and I had envisioned him to react! He smiled a huge smile and calmly said, "What are YOU doing here?"

They were here for a week, and we had such a great time! They spent some time exploring our town, shopping the square, climbing to the castle ruins near us, visiting the kids' schools, experiencing our church, and meeting the youth group at a youth meeting in our home. They walked with Shaylee nearly every day, relaxed with us, and blessed us with their time, love and generosity. It was so much fun showing them our world over here, knowing that now they can picture us exactly where we are. They even brought us all some special souvenirs from their Israel trip!

Thank you, Mom and Dad, for routing your return trip through Slovakia, even though it added quite a bit of extra traveling! We loved having you here, and so appreciate the time we could spend with you both! Shaylee still says your names when she comes down from her naps, wondering where you went! I think she's hoping you're still able to take her on her daily walk! We love you!


Josh and Brin said...

Hi Wendi!! What a great post, and what a great time with Gary and MaryKay!!! I am truly so happy for you!

Connie said...

I just found your blog Wendi! So fun! I had forgotten to ask you at Thanksgiving how the time was with Ed's I know!